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CMC is the second-largest technology corporation in Vietnam. Established in 1993, CMC has affirmed its position in the Vietnam market and many countries around the world through three key business activities: Technology & Solution Division (Technology & Solution), International Business (Global Business), Telecommunications Service Division (Telecommunications).

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2023 Strategy

CMC aims to become a global corporation in 2023 by focusing on 3 key business activities: Technology, Global Business and Telecommunications. By 2023, CMC set its ambition to become a billion-dollar company and reach 10,000 employees.


Become a World-class global corporation. Focus on business development in 3 areas: Technology Solutions, International Business and Telecommunication Services.


Building in-depth capabilities in specialized solutions and core technologies, building an Open Infrastructure Ecosystem for businesses and organizations (C.OPE2N), providing multiple services to customers, is the foundation for connecting with leading technology solution firms in the world.


Focus on strategic markets: Banking, finance, business, government and international market expansion.


Reach 1 billion USD and 10,000 employees by 2023, in which the revenue from Technology Solutions is 10,000 billion VND, Communication Services is 10,000 billion VND and International Business is 5,000 billion VND.