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CMC Global believes in the potential and greatness of every person. We value learning, collaborating, and mutual support. Get yourself discovered. Show us what you’ve got, and we‘ll contact you if there‘s a role that seems like a good match.

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Quang Nguyen CMC
Quang Nguyen

Available In: Nhật Bản, Hà Nội

I feel very proud to be a member of CMC Global. Here, the extraordinary knowledge transfer across different streams of the project has benefited me a lot. I am really grateful to work in a place which makes me grow to greater heights

Liam Pham CMC
Liam Pham

Project Manager

I choose to work for CMC Global because it is a large company that values employee development. The best thing about working here is the teamwork I experience daily, the valuable connections that I have. I also have the opportunity to work with people of many levels in our company to drive changes, which I consider rare and very innovative

Thao Nguyen CMC
Thao Nguyen

Account Manager

Since I joined the company as fresh graduate, I have had various chances to build up my career here, which is very valuable in my profile. I am also happy working with my colleagues at CMC Global and wish only the best for our continued success.

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