CMC Global took part in Japan IT Week Autumn 2021 – The largest IT trade show in Japan

On 27th – 29th October, CMC Global took part in Japan IT Week – Japan’s largest IT trade show. The trade show gives the best …

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On 27th – 29th October, CMC Global took part in Japan IT Week – Japan’s largest IT trade show. The trade show gives the best opportunity for CMC to introduce solutions in Face recognition – CIVAMS (CMC Intelligent Video Analytics and Management System), Cyber Security – Cyber Security platform, Cloud Computing – CMC Cloud, and Digital Transformation service.

CMC Global – Accompany Japanese businesses in their digital journey

CMC Global is among the top 3 largest IT Outsourcing service providers in Vietnam. With more than 1,500 certified specialists as well as a solid technological and financial foundation inherited from CMC Corporation, our parent corporation and the second largest ICT company in Vietnam, CMC Global provides a variety of digital transformation solutions, including software development and maintenance services, offshore development center services, cloud migration, and managed services, and DevOps services.

This year, CMC Global showcased breakthrough technologies and solutions in face recognition (CIVAMS), cyber security platform, CMC Cloud, and digital transformation at Japan IT Week Autumn 2021. We are currently serving more than 200 clients from all over the world with our six global offices. Our Japanese business unit – CMC Japan, has served 100+ customers in Japan, accompanying many enterprises of various sizes and industries. We are confident of gaining trust and being a partner of Japanese companies in their digital journey.

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CMC introduced CIVAMS – facial recognition solution at the Japan IT Week Autumn 2021. Visitors can experience all product features of CIVAMS through a demo set.

The increasing proportion of the elderly (65+) in Japan makes it difficult to take care of and supervise them, leading to many unexpected accidents. CIVAMS is an ideal solution for nursing homes to control access, intelligently monitor and timely detect dangerous situations with the elderly.

CMC Intelligent Video Analytics and Management System (CIVAMS) is a face recognition solution with intelligent image processing technologies developed by CMC Corporation. The critical applications of CIVAMS are monitoring employee attendance and providing access control via face recognition. Our solution can handle databases up to 10,000 headcounts, detect faces at an accuracy of 99.2%, and recognize multiple faces in a single frame in milliseconds.

Nursing homes can apply CIVAMS to manage their staff’s check-ins and check-outs, assign access permission to a limited group of people, and even detect and track the elderly. Data from CIVAMS can be organized and managed efficiently. Our machine learning technologies can quickly learn faces from a few simple face movements. Nursing homes can integrate their tools with other applications via APIs.

Besides, CIVAMS can also be applied in office and public areas such as train stations, schools, hospitals, etc., as a face recognition solution for timekeeping, public security, and privacy.

Cyber Security Platform – Cyber Security solution for Japanese customers

CMC introduced Cyber Security Platform at Japan IT Week Autumn 2021. Visitors will be consulted directly about the capability and outstanding features of SOC at the trade show.

Cyber Security Platform is responsible for monitoring, detecting, isolating, handling incidents and the safety of the entire information system with a 24/7 monitoring frequency. The center gathers leading cyber-security experts in Vietnam, applying Automation (Automation) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). In addition, the incident reporting and elimination process of the Cyber Security Platform complies with the information security policy according to international standards ISO 27035:2009 and ISO 27001. With the CMC Cyber Security Platform, customers in Japan can effectively ensure information safety and network security.

In Japan IT Week Autumn 2021, CMC Japan was strengthening its commitment to excellent services by bringing Japanese standard quality in software development and digital transformation to Japanese customers.

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